The wise

Definition of wise: having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment
We need to change the negative concept that today’s society has of the elderly. Because old people are wise. We just need to be aware of this. Through writing, we can achieve this goal.

I am convinced that the definition of wise encompasses a high percentage of older people


. In reality, those people whom we call our elders with condescension, or old bats disrespectfully, are the wise people of our societies. They were already so in ancient civilizations, and they still are now, though we do not value them as such. Older people are wise because they are older, because their experience gives them qualities that cannot be achieved in the early life stages.




The stereotype of the elderly within our society needs to be fixed.

It is through the experience of older people that we can better understand the world, it is through their wisdom that we can grow as individuals and as people within society. Aging is one stage of life.


A stage that has made you wiser and more mature. Better. And it is time to teach our children the value of age. Through the experiences of the elderly.

What do we think when we see an elderly person on the street? Would you like to greet her? Or do we think she is a sick and aloof old person?


Our society values ​​youth, but not the elderly. Young people design commercials for young people.


We want eternal youth. Because when we are young, “everything is better, our body is vigorous, our mind is awake, and we don’t want to get older.” How many times have we heard this nonsense? At what age does society consider a person useless? At what age is a person old? At what age can we be given the category of life teacher?

Through educational resources for children and young people to learn to value and respect the elderly. The value of the wise. That’s why I write stories about old people. About the wise. Small bits of life. Stories of lived experiences, frustrated dreams, unfinished desires.


Stories that explain how a person has navigated his life, and how this experience can lead to teaching using three different formats:


– SONGS: Bits of life becoming stories and becoming songs. Stories that turn into fun and catchy songs that children can sing while enjoying and imbued with the positive values ​​of growing up (age range: 0 to 7 years).

– COMIC:Visually appealing to children, who will discover fun, intriguing, unexpected stories filled with learning tips (age range: 3 to 9 years).

– SHORT STORIES:Read in schools by actresses and actors, where young people will be able to hear and learn real experiences of the wise people. Stories that will show how adults have been young, and how young people have become experienced people over the years (age range: 10 to 16 years old).

Several activities will be taught to understand aging.

* Biology: study of cellular aging.

* Literature: reading classic works that show a wide range of life.

* History: to discuss the role of the elderly in society through the centuries.

* Social: using graphs indicating the percentage of dependent and independent people in each age group.

Study by projects, based on different multidisciplinary activities named above, to generate an article on the value of the elderly in society.

Discussion groups that oversees the stigmatization of old age as a disease. We need to see old age as what it really is, a stage of life itself.

Schools, libraries, play centers, nursing homes… Any place where children enjoy spending time and want to learn.

I write stories about old people. Small mouthfuls of life. Personal stories, that take us to lived experiences, to frustrated dreams, to unfinished desires.
I want to change the stereotype of the elderly in society. And for this reason, I consider it vital to generate educational resources so that children and young people learn to value and respect the elderly.

I write and I teach writing lessons. Wanna join me?

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Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Do you want to contact me?

Lexington, Massachusetts.

Roser Rovira 2020 © All rights reserved

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