The Legend of Saint George


English audio story. To listen to it in more languages access Youtube.


A brave knight comes to save the princess from a dragon. Will he succeed?


According to legend, in the small village of Montblanc, in Catalonia, a dragon had all the inhabitants terrified. The dragon could fly, walk and swim and he had foul-smelling breath that poisoned the air around him and caused the death of anybody that breathed it in. The people from the village began to give the dragon a sheep every day to calm his insatiable hunger and thus stop him attacking people. However, they soon ran out of sheep and so the sheep were followed by goats but the goats soon ran out too. The goats were then followed by cows and bulls until there were no animals left to offer the evil dragon and the villagers decided to hold a draw every day. Whoever drew the short straw would be the dragon’s lunch that day. This kept the dragon under control for a while but one day, the person chosen to be the dragon’s next meal turned out to be the king’s daughter. The king cried and the princess cried...