Puss in Boots


American English audio story. To listen to it in more languages access Youtube.


A cat with boots and a hat. A boy who only has this cat. But the cat is really smart. Will he make the boy lucky or unlucky, with his tricks?


A long time ago there was a miller who had three sons. On his deathbed he divided his belongings between them. The eldest son received the mill, the middle one a donkey, and the youngest one, Johnny, the cat. The youngest son complained that he’d been very unlucky; he would not be able to survive in the world with only a cat. My brothers are very fortunate! The eldest one has a mill and may be a miller all his life if he so wishes, there will always be bread present on his table! The middle one, with his donkey, can help the eldest one by transporting wheat and flour, and he too will have a good life! But what about me, what am I supposed to do with a cat?