Jack and the Beanstalk


English audio story. To listen to it in more languages access Youtube.


A naughty boy willing to use tricks with an ogre. An ogre wishing to eat a young boy. Who will win?


Once upon a time there was a woman who had a son called Jack and a cow called Daisy. Jack and his mother lived off the milk that Daisy gave them every morning to sell in the market. One day, Daisy ran dry and they didn’t know what to do. “Mother, I’ll go and find a job” “The way things are these days, there’s not much chance that anyone will give you a job. We’ll have to sell Blanche and with the money we get, open some sort of a shop or something.” “All right, mother,” answered Jack, “I’ll go to the market to sell Blanche. He hadn’t walked very far when an old man who looked like a real rogue greeted him, “Good morning, Jack.” “Good morning” replied Jack, surprised that the old man knew his name. “Where are you going, Jack?” asked the old man.